A little happy place

It’s nice seeing old friends again (i’m referring to Zac and Alex, when I last saw them in Paris). We all seem to be as lost as each other, not so much the mood last night- but maybe a topic of conversation at the very least. After getting cheap food and shoo’d out of the Lantern Festival we went down to O-Bar mid town. A little korean bar that serves a variety of soju, maekju and even has makgeolli too.. the last time I had makgeolli was back in seoul, and it certainly left a lasting impression.

It’s the little things about the atmosphere that made the eve. The company definitely helps for sure, best friends, old friends, but also being able to speak a little korean, following tradition (like turning your drinks away from the eldest/superior at the table) and even the one drinking game I know. It’s hard not to wrap your head up in places you aren’t, and where you’d rather be- which at this stage I tend to do every single day. But there are bigger things to come later this year, i’m not nearly finished with exhibiting and maybe not done shooting yet to.. so at least I have that occupied until I can go visit again.

..they turned off the lights.

If anyone would like to join me at O Bar, you’re most welcome.